The latest member of the family from the tyre brand of German origins won the comparative test thanks to its ‘easy handling and sporty performance’, , even after long usage, combined with excellent total mileage

Munich, April 29, 2014 – SPORTECTM M7 RR, the new tyre born from the experience of METZELER in road racing competitions, is able to guarantee the highest levels of handling and safety even in the most difficult situations that may be encountered on the road. The tyre won the supersport comparative test conducted by the prestigious German magazine Motorrad. which has tested the latest member of the SPORTECTM family comparing it with Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO™ Corsa, Michelin Pilot Power 3, Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S20 EVO, Continental Sport Attack 2 and Dunlop SportSmart2.

As described in detail in the 10/2014 issue of Motorrad, the comparative test was conducted using tyres in 120/70 R17 front and 190/55 R17 rear sizes, mounted on six BMW S1000RR motorcycles. All the six tyre models were tested on the road at high speed (motorway and highway) as well as on track, at two different times: first when the products were completely new and then after 4,000 km, so as to verify the performance in relation to wear and mileage. Furthermore, a test was also performed in the wet.

Among the parameters taken into consideration to evaluate the performance of the tyres being tested were handling, steering precision, stability in turns, grip whilst leaning, traction in acceleration, performance in conditions at the limit, descending rapidly into a leaning position and return to the upright position, lap time on the track in addition to the already above mentioned values related to wear and mileage which have been measured separately for front and rear.

Motorrad’s testers, at the conclusion of the test which took place on the roads of central and northern Italy and Sardinia, as well as on the Spanish track of Alcarràs, have decreed SPORTECTM M7 RR as the best supersport tyre as it had a balanced behaviour in all areas being tested, especially on the track, and constant performance even after many miles. The new SPORTEC™ M7 RR main strength is its sporty handling, the excellent behaviour in the wet and high mileage, increased by 20 % compared to its predecessor, the SPORTEC™ M5 INTERACT™.