Darker, Meaner, Stronger

Following the overwhelming success of the Bonneville Bobber – the fastest selling motorcycle in
Triumph’s 115-year history, the company has taken the model to new heights for the 2018 model
year, with the darker, meaner and stronger Bonneville Bobber Black.

With all of the Bonneville Bobber’s beautiful unique features

  • Authentic custom style
  • Elegant engineering innovation
  • Category defining capability
  • Thrilling hot rod ride and sound


Now with even more attitude

  • More aggressive and more muscular stance with a “fat” 16-inch front wheel (vs 19-
    inch on the Bobber) and chunkier 47mm front forks (vs 41mm on the Bobber)
  • Fully blacked out style, detailing and finish across the whole bike


And even higher specification

  • Category-leading twin disc front brakes with Brembo calipers
  • Higher specification chunky Showa cartridge forks
  • Higher specification full LED headlight with distinctive daytime running light
  • And single button cruise control as standard


An unparalleled success
Launched to international acclaim in 2016, the award-winning Bonneville Bobber is loved by
customers and enthusiasts worldwide. Inspired by the original post-war Bobber movement of
stripped back, hard tail motorcycles tuned to the extreme for maximum performance, the
Bonneville Bobber has stunning handcrafted custom style and a thrilling hot rod ride. With its
1200cc High Torque Bonneville engine with distinctive Bobber tune, it is selling out in dealerships
all over the world. And because Triumph was there from the start with the most powerful and
lightweight bikes around, the new Bonneville Bobber has absolute peerless authenticity.

Now taking the Bobber to new heights, Triumph’s Bobber Black delivers much more.

Authentic custom styling, now even more aggressive
With imposing poise, distinguished presence and the iconic Bobber silhouette, the Bobber Black
shares the Bobber’s low, muscular and minimalist stance – purposeful, distinctive, and stripped
back. Featuring all the classic hallmarks of a Bobber, the Bobber Black’s single seat and hard tail
look are teamed with wide flat bars for intuitive handling, minimal bodywork and sculpted
Bonneville tank, minimal fenders with centre ridge, and authentic wire spoked wheels.

The Bobber Black features a host of fully blacked out details and finishes. These include:
• Black painted exhaust (silencers, headers and upper finned casting)
• Black anodised brake pedal and footrests
• Black anodised gear lever
• Black plated gear linkage
• Black anodised brake and clutch levers
• Black painted handlebars, with black anodised risers and clamps
• Black painted seat pan
• Black powder coated engine covers, cam cover and sprocket cover
• Black chrome plated headlight rim
• Black painted wheel hubs

Carrying over all of the beautiful Bobber details, the Bobber Black boasts an authentic battery
box with heritage-inspired cover and stainless steel strap, classic rear ‘drum brake’ inspired hub,
rear mudguard loop, side-mounted ignition barrel, bar end mirrors and a premium branded
locking fuel cap. Plus an exquisitely sculpted top yoke, carb-styled twin throttle bodies and gloss
black bullet indicators.

Arriving in two alluring colour options, the Bobber Black is available in either a classic gloss Jet
Black or a stylish and contemporary Matt Jet Black.

Elegant engineering innovation, now even higher specification
Raising the bar in terms of specification, the Bonneville Bobber Black delivers characterful and
class-defining riding dynamics.

Triumph’s highest specification brakes in the Bonneville line up with ABS as standard; the
Bobber Black has category leading 310mm twin discs on the front with twin Brembo two-piston
calipers and a single rear disc setup with single piston caliper. The suspension also sees an
upgrade from the Bobber spec with chunky 47mm Showa cartridge front forks, offering 90mm
front wheel travel for improved feel and feedback. The new “fat” 16-inch front wheel, still with
classic wire spokes, black rims, and the specially-developed Avon Cobra tyres, gives the Bobber
Black its meaner and more muscular stance.

As well as the considerable specification upgrades, the Bobber Black retains the elegant
engineering innovations now synonymous with the Bobber – like the beautiful and distinctive
floating aluminium seat pan with cantilever support, the adjustable riding position, the elegant
monoshock RSU with linkage, the distinctive ‘swing cage’ for that hard-tail look and the clean line
hidden technology packaging.

Accessible for any size of rider, the Bobber Black has a low seat height of just 688mm providing
excellent ergonomics and a confidence-inspiring low centre of gravity.

Category defining capability, now with even more technology
The front end of the Bobber Black is transformed with the new 5” full-LED headlight with unique
LED daytime running light* pattern (DRL) and charming Triumph maker’s mark triangle branding
integrated within the headlight cluster. Longer distance cruising is also easier on the Bobber
Black, thanks to cruise control as standard, easily accessible as a single button elegantly
moulded into the left-hand switch cube.

Complementing these upgrades are a suite of rider-focused technologies carried over from the
Bobber and sensitively incorporated to ensure clean-line packaging – like the Road and Rain
riding modes, both delivering full power, and the switchable traction control for maximum safety
and rider control. On top of that is the torque assist clutch which reduces pulling effort at the lever
to help prevent rider fatigue, the durable and power efficient all-LED lighting (rear light, indicators
and number plate light), and a state of the art immobiliser with transponder incorporated into the
premium Triumph badged key for maximum security.

Stylishly minimal and angle adjustable, the Bobber Black’s beautiful single clock has a machined
dial face and multi-function display controlled by easily reachable fingertip controls.

As with all Triumphs in the Modern Classics range, the new Bonneville Bobber Black is liquidcooled,
reducing emissions and offering a high first major service interval of 10,000 miles (16,000
Km). For added piece of mind, it also features the latest immobiliser with the transponder fitted
into the premium Triumph badged key.

Standard Equipment:

All-LED Lighting with Full LED Headlight with DRL*
All new, distinctive and elegant, full LED 5 inch multi-function
headlight with beautiful Triumph maker’s mark triangle branding. Main
and dipped beam, and front position light, plus Triumph’s signature
style LED daytime running light.
Compact and elegant, with a distinctive light pattern, the LED rear
light, LED indicators and LED number plate light are power efficient
and durable.

Single Button Cruise Control
Easy to use, single button function cruise control with one press for
on, one press to set the speed, and one press to cancel. Easily
accessible button mounted into the left hand switch cube.

For a crisper, more precise and more accurate throttle response,
with improved on/off throttle transition. Enabling different throttle
maps, linked to two different riding modes.

Riding Modes
Linked to the ride-by-wire system, there are Road and Rain riding
modes, selectable via the new switch gear, for maximum, control and
safety in different riding conditions, both delivering full power.

The contemporary safety standard, with minimal visual impact, the
ABS is responsive yet unobtrusive.

Switchable Traction Control
Contemporary switchable traction control, maximising rider safety and

Torque Assist Clutch
Reducing clutch lever effort, the Torque Assist Clutch improves long
distance rideability and reduces rider fatigue.

State-of-the-art immobiliser system as standard, with a transponder
incorporated into the Triumph branded key.

*Availability of the DRL function is governed by local market legislation – please check with your
Triumph market representative for availability.

Thrilling hot rod ride and sound
Featuring the critically acclaimed 1200cc High Torque parallel twin engine with charismatic 270°
firing interval and a dedicated Bobber tune which delivers category-leading torque and power low
down the rev range:
• Peak torque of 106Nm @ 4,000rpm
• Peak power of 77PS @ 6,100rpm

The Bobber Black also has a new black painted twin skin straight line exhaust with twin ‘slash cut’
sawn-off black peashooter silencers and a hidden cat box. A dual chamber air box with twin filter
design helps to deliver that rich and raw exhaust note and hot rod feel.

120+ custom accessories
As with the Bonneville Bobber, the Bobber Black has been designed with customisation in mind,
with over 120 accessories for custom styling, additional detailing, enhanced comfort and more
performance. These include different handlebar options like the mini ape hangers, alternative
mirrors, compact LED indicators**, short mudguards, luggage, statement seats, and heated grips.
Branded accessories include the Fox adjustable rear suspension unit, and the elegant machined
aluminium Vance & Hines silencers with adjustable end caps

**Availability of Vance & Hines silencers and LED indicators are governed by local market
legislation – please check with your Triumph market representative for availability.

Bonneville Collection Clothing: Bobber Black Range
Adding to the hugely popular Bonneville clothing collection, a dedicated range of Bobber Black
clothing has been designed, with four casual t-shirts, a trendy hoodie and a stylish leather riding
Triumph is also continuing its new-found partnership with UK-based thrill seekers P&Co by
collaborating on a range of original Bobber Black pieces – a cool t-shirt, casual coach jacket,
classic cap, and debossed keyring.